Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Seibert is very easy to talk to and understand , very knowledgeable for pain management and wellness.”

Michael C.

“Dr. Shoari is so kind, comforting, accurate, caring and careful! He is amazing in his follow up with you! He will personally call you @ home to check on you and spend as much time with you unrushed that you need either in the office or on the phone.You just know you are safe in this gentle mans care! He is extraordinary at getting you in on an emergent basis as all I say of Dr. Shoari is from my own experience. I refer him all the time and I am so truly blessed to have him as my neurologist! The world needs more doctors like him!”


“Dr. Goodman is not only very knowledgeable, but he is thorough down to the minute details, of which is very important when dealing with thyroid problems as well as other endocrine system illnesses. I found Dr. Goodman to be kind, courteous and takes the time to listen. These are qualities you seldom find these days in Drs. as most are more interested in their net income than to stay true to their Hippocratic oath of helping and healing the sick. I was truly in awe of this man, after my first visit, as one could literally feel that he cared, but perhaps more importantly, his incredible vast knowledge of which is apparent once you become his patient, as the slightest variation in your blood work, he will call and suggest changes immediately. Thank you so much for your exceptional care.”

Terje O.

“I was a patient with Dr. Stringham in 97 & 98. He did my decending and acending and replaced my aoratic value. He was the most kind and understanding doctor anyone could ask for. He came and checked on me daily and was wonderful to my family. I have had a surgery in 2006 in Huston with a very good surgeon but it certainly wasn’t the same as I had with Dr. Stringham. He is the greatest person I have ever known and will always owe my life to him.”

Bev M.

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